Sunday, May 11, 2008

Claremont Local Elections

Just in from the count, despite working hard throughout the year and during the campaign we got battered.

Lib Dem 1277 ( + 278)
Peter Wheeler Your Labour Neighbour 737 ( -105)
Con 525 (+33)
BNP 295 (-21)
UKIP 149 (+149)

The hard thing is, I know we fought a good campaign. Lots of people involved, good literature, more canvassing and we did connect with a lot of people – getting people to vote who hadn’t voted before and getting a lot delivered in the ward.

My rough estimate is that was worth 200 votes – frightening to think where we would have ended up had we not worked so hard.

Many thanks to everyone who supported us. No local elections next year, so we have got a good two years to campaign for the next one with the Euros in between.

We will learn lessons from the campaign and continue work hard for people in the ward.
Friday evening will see me delivering thank you / membership leaflets as start the next campaign, and then I’m off for a drink, and then off to Crewe.

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