Sunday, January 21, 2007

Trident - replace it or not?

The National Policy Forum will be discussing this issue on Saturday 3rd February 2007.Myself and Ellie Reeves are looking for your views as party members. Its not an easy decision:

On the one hand:

- it's hard to see the use of nuclear weapons against non-state threats to security such as Al-Qaeda.

- us keeping nuclear weapons doesn't help with agreements for nuclear disarmament it's an awful lot of money!

On the other hand:

- it’s a dangerous world out there - if nuclear weapons aren't needed why are North Korea and Iran so keen to get them

- such a decision would be long term - we can't predict the security threats of ten year's time

- you can't put a price on national security, the last time we campaigned as a unilateralist party - we got slaughtered!

Anyway - the important thing is that we know the genuine views of the members - so please get in touch and let Ellie and myself know your views - its your party!

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