Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sir Hayden Phillips Review of Party Funding

Things seem to be moving very quickly on the party financing front with rumours that Sir Hayden has published draft recommendations, including a £50,000 donation cap on every organisation and individual, including Trade Unions and severe restrictions on the way trade unions collect their political funds.

I haven't seen the report yet but clearly these proposals are a nonsense and would destroy Labour's link with the trade unions. This must be fiercely resisted.

There is an emergency NEC on Thursday 14th where we will be discussing the issue and its important the Party maintains its unity on this issue.

The changes needed are controls on expenditure and an end to anonymous donations.
I will be arguing strongly against any moves which threaten Trade Union Political Funds or the Trade Union link with the Labour Party - and doing my best to keep the Party united and our fire trained on the opposition.

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